To change lanes in staggered formation all riders should... (Click each step below:)
  • Turn their signal on when the lead rider's signal comes on
  • WAIT - do not change lanes yet, the lead rider may be waiting for traffic to clear and / or the sweep rider
    to claim the lane
  • WAIT - do not change lanes just because the sweep rider does, there may still be traffic to clear from the
  • Change lanes only when the person ahead of you changes lanes. That means the lead rider will change
    lanes before everyone except possibly the sweep rider.
  • The same holds true for returning to the right lane. Change lanes only after the rider ahead of you does.
    If the group is passing another vehicle when returning to the right lane remember to maintain your speed
    as you return to the right lane. DO NOT cut the gap ahead of that vehicle short. Remember, cars and
    trucks will not be able to stop before hitting you if you are forced to brake quickly in front of them.
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Changing Lanes
Changing Lanes